Elizabeth Howe

Pilates Instructor


Elizabeth is a San Francisco native and a student of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which includes the study of acupuncture, herbs and Chinese Tui Na massage. She also is certified in Swedish, Acupressure and Shiatsu massage.

Although Elizabeth was a lifelong fitness enthusiast, she found that after having two children, it became increasingly difficult to make the time to stay in shape. On a whim, she took a kickboxing class and was hooked on the Martial Arts. Cur-rently, she practices Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu.

In 2011, Elizabeth sustained an injury to her knee and rehabilitated it primarily through Pilates. She found that the power of Pilates not only helped to heal her injury, but the practice left her even stronger and in better shape than prior to the injury. Elizabeth pursued her Pilates teacher’s training soon after. Today, Eliza-beth continues her training with BASI International.

Ask Elizabeth about combining Pilates with bodywork such as shiatsu massage in a single session to propel you towards your fitness and training goals as well as in-crease your well-being.

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