Virtual Class Descriptions

Week of May 4

Aqua Power and Conditioning
High intensity for all levels - no water needed. All over body strengthening .
Equipment: A supportive, armless chair, a towel, weights or an alternative (canned goods, filled water bottles, ect)

Alignment Based Yoga with Amber

A 60 minute, Hatha based yoga class that focuses on healthy alignment of the body to practice proper form, to build strength, increase flexibility, and to develop more functional movement patterns. The class will emphasize breath and movement to encourage focus and increase ease throughout the body and mind.

Props: 2 blocks, 1 strap, 1 blanket (if you have them)
Alternative props: 2 big books, 1 tie/scarf, 1 thick towel

Body and Sole -
low impact, whole body dance class with music from all genres. Movement that strengthens and lengthens, engages the core -
No equipment

Barre Pilates
Class combines Barre exercises with pilates basics to help strengthen and lengthen
Equipment: Edge of counter,

BYOR - Bring Your Own Roller
This is an all level foam roller mat Pilates workout followed by solid myofascial release on the foam roller. Myo-fascia is the collagen tissue that surrounds and connects our muscles.
As we shelter in place we find ourselves sitting for long periods of time, sometimes hunched over laptops and phones. This creates myofascial stiffness in the body that can lead to headaches, low back pain, and even sadness and irritability as our fascia also holds energy and emotions. The foam roller can help us free up our energy so that we feel better and stronger.
Equipment: A full length foam roller is needed for this class.

Cardio- Mix
A complete cardio workout that includes a combination of high & low aerobics mixed with blocks of strength training-
Equipment : a mat or towel, hand weights or substitutions.

Chair Pilates
a fun way to rewire your brain from the shelter in place slog,
gain strength, increase flexibility and relieve stress from head to toe. Whether new to Pilates or a seasoned pro, count on feeling better after 30 minutes together!
Please arrive a few minutes early to set up your space:
Equipment: Stable chair without arms, 2 hand weights or cans from the pantry and have a spirit of play.

Core Conditioning
Low impact strength training with an emphasis on core work. This 45 minute class will start with an all over body warm up to get the heart started, then followed by training. Please bring weights and your small pilates ball. If you don't have that, feel free to bring a small firm pillow

Dry Land Swim

How can swimmers keep "swimming"?
Swimmers of all levels are welcome to join this swim and core conditioning class. We use tubing or stretch bands to strengthen and mobilize the upper body and simulate different swim strokes and practice proper form. We also focus on breath work and deep core strength and overall flexibility.
I recommend that you do this workout outside if possible to reap the full benefits of fresh air (just like when we swim :))
Equipment: flexband or tubing (wrap a small towel around the tubing/band so that you can wrap it around a tree or pole), small weights (soup cans are good)

High intensity Interval Training. In this class you will perform high impact drills with short rests. Great for a whole body workout with lots of cardio. Low impact modifications will also be given. Equipment: a mat or towel.

Kid's Dancercize
Frankie will lead kids in movement- including some belly dancing, stretching and silliness. Geared toward ages 4-8 but will hopefully be fun for any age. Kids will need space to move and dance freely. Wear a costume if you want!

A High intensity workout combining cardio and strength. This class will keep your body guessing with dynamic exercises followed by rest periods to help increase endurance.


Low impact exercise focusing on strengthening core muscles and improving posture alignment.
Equipment: towel at least 4 ft. long used for modifications if needed.

Pilates mat and props

Mat Pilates class: Props are a mat, ankle weights, pilates ring, and exercise bands. Variations without the props can be shown as well.

Pop Pilates
Pop Pilates is Pilates based movement done to music. It is a pre-choreographed format by Cassey Ho ( It typically has 14 tracks each with a different theme (i.e., hundreds, butt challenge, ab challenge, upper body). For simplicity of viewing and set up, I will modify the track list so class will be all on the mat. It is a very intense and efficient well rounded workout with focus on the core. No need for props, just bring a mat.

Strength and Balance
This class focuses on developing balance, core strength and mobility
Equipment : Soup can or belt

Tai Chi & Qigong
We do 30 minutes of Tai Chi warm-ups that include movement and balance and then 25 minutes of vigorous breath work. We end the class with a 5 minute meditation. No props necessary

moderate to high intensity work out for all levels. Overall strength and core conditioning class with some cardio for a complete workout.
Equipment needed: will vary from class to class,- see plan for the day in the invitation. Example- medium to challenging weights, bands & straps, bender ball -mat, small hand towels.

30 minutes of Cardio dance followed by strength and core- you will need a sturdy armless chair, weights and a mat.

Yoga with Lindsay:
An hour to check in with your body, your breath and what arises from that conversation. Expect forward folds, backbends, twists, and standing + seated asana married with various tools and techniques of yoga.

2 thick blankets or bath towels
Blocks,straps if you've got them
Come even if you don't have anything. We'll figure it out.

Yoga with Miriam
A well-rounded class incorporating precise groundwork and intelligent asana flow to deeply root energy in order to cultivate the capacity for the system to go beyond and explore more advanced yogic concepts such as pranayama, and meditation. Build strength, expand flexibility, and rediscover the space, stillness, and natural joy that live within. Variations to challenge or simplify will be offered to tailor the practice to your ability. Breathe. Trust your body. And know how perfect you are.

No props needed. Feel free to be creative in order to replicate preferred props!

Yoga/ Tone
Yoga Tone - Yoga with added strengthening exercises.
Equipment- none needed, however light weights or a loop band can be added if desired.

Zumba Gold

Latin inspired dance class using steps from salsa, tango, merengue and reggaeton to name a few. Low impact
No equipment needed

Zumba High
Zumba with high energy steps. Because of the higher impact, we recommend a forgiving surface. For example, carpeting, some wood surfaces, or lay down a few mats for cushion. You may also modify to prevent stress on your joints. All levels welcome- the steps will be simple so everyone can join.