Get Fit with Small Group Training


Happy month of May! This month is about getting it done! Summer's right around the corner, and we all know that, while we welcome summer, it throws off our routine just a tad. Our classes are filling up and it's so great to see the camaraderie between you all. That being said, please remember to register in time and to cancel a maximum of 12 hours prior to class. This keeps you from taking someone else's spot, as our classes have a maximum capacity of 6 for TRX classes and 8 for mixed format classes.

We will not be offering our unlimited promotion this month, however we're still offering a 10-class package at $150; the drop-in fee is $18 per class. Remember that your first class is free, so you've got nothing to lose!

Lastly, please register only if you know you'll be there. Unregistering must be done 12 hours before class to avoid a penalty. We completely understand that emergencies happen, so please email me if that's the case.

Peak Fit Studio May Schedule:

Mondays: 6:30am (Mixed Format)
Tuesdays: 7:30am (TRX)
Thursdays: 7:30am (TRX)
Saturdays: 9:15am (TRX)

Let's have an amazing month!
- Jenn Nasab, Hills Fitness Coordinator, [email protected]