Group Exercise News


As the holidays near, our group exercise schedule will be modified in order to allow instructors time to travel and reset. So please keep an eye on the online schedule for class updates. Also, as our class sizes increase, it is even more important to keep registering for classes. Registered members will always be given priority over drop ins.

Some things to know about registering...

There is NO charge for late cancellation. We have eliminated this practice now that we are able to offer more than 40 classes a week! However, please unregister if you can't make it as a courtesy to the instructor, the club and your fellow members.

As of December 6, most classes have a 30-day registration window! So, for example, if you always take Tuesday night yoga, feel free to register for the month! It's a real time saver. There are a few exemptions. If a class is regularly over subscribed, then that registration opening will remain 7 days prior to class. It bears repeating though, please take the time to unregister if your schedule changes.
Thank you so much for participating in our program.

Happy holidays and best wishes in the new year!
- Angelique Pine, Group Exercise Director