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Happy 2021 from Therese and the Hills Pilates and Wellness Studio!

Wow, we made it to a new year - a new year filled with hope and health!
2020 was incredibly challenging in so many ways and some of these challenges are following us into the new year. I am sure that many of us feel the urge to find meaning and have the desire to live, thrive, feel good and to do good this year.

On a personal note for me as an instructor and a teacher, I found that my clients and my fellow instructors became the teachers for me. Watching them/you staying positive and working on your fitness and wellness goals amid stressful times and isolation filled me with hope and meaning. I was once again reminded that Movement is Medicine - now and always.
Thank you for teaching me this valuable lesson!

I also got the opportunity to explore new ways of doing things. Being the sceptical scientist, I never thought that offering virtual healing in the form of Reiki would actually work. It was my clients who showed me that a peaceful mind, true intentions and awareness are the keys to healing. We are now offering Reiki remotely until it is safe to meet up again and will then continue to do online Reiki, as well. I am sharing the "Reiki precepts" here with you - simple lessons to live by in 2021 to improve life and health for us all, especially during difficult times:

Just for today, do not anger
Just for today, do not worry and be filled with gratitude
Just for today, devote yourself to your work and be kind to all living beings

Below are some of our new and returning wellness programs kicking off 2021! See you in class!

- Therese and the Hills Pilates and Wellness Studio Team
Contact our studio: tbrewitz@caclubs.com


Keep it Moving - get Pilates Fit on Zoom


If you have one hour to spare for fitness, how do you want to spend that hour? All of us want more strength, flexibility, mobility, tone, cardiovascular health and peace of mind. Although a tall order, we try to hit all these goals every Wednesday at 5pm. We get there using cardio moves, Pilates, Ballet Barre training, functional fitness, yoga, and a great soundtrack.

Please stream on a laptop or desktop for best viewing. You need light weights, a resistance band, a mat and a small towel.

Wednesdays at 5pm on Zoom with Therese Brewitz
Cost: $15 per class
Sign up online to get the link: cachstc.clubautomation.com


The Barre is Still Open!


This is the only mind/body class currently available outside at the Hills! Come rain or shine, Barre/Pilates Instructor Bruce Arana and his dedicated "core" group have braved the weather and trained outside on the ballet barre. Starting in January we now offer the class under a tarp and with added heat.

Barre training was developed from rigorous ballet exercises at the barre, creating a strong body with a supple core and glutes, great posture and balance. Come and be social and be safe, while getting fit! 6 people maximum per class.

Please wear a mask and bring your own light weights, mini ball, and small loop band. Contact our studio for more information:

Tuesdays at 9am at the Hills with Bruce
Cost: $30/class
Register online: https://cachstc.clubautomation.com/


Shoulder and Core


We are almost a year into Zooming, sheltering in place, scrolling (and binge watching!) and our postures bear witness to this lifestyle. If you have new or returning shoulder, neck, or back problems, or just wish to improve your posture this year, check out our Shoulder and Core class with Pilates Instructor Anne Mawdsley. This class dedicates 20 minutes to careful shoulder rehab, plus core strengthening to support correct alignment.

Mondays at 5pm on Zoom with Anne
55 minutes
Cost: $20/class

Please stream on a laptop or desktop for best viewing. You need 1-2 lb hand weights, flex band, and a foam roller

Sign up online: cachstc.clubautomation.com
or contact our studio to learn more: tbrewitz@caclubs.com


Barbara is Back...and Her Chair Pilates on Zoom is on!

"You can't keep a good woman down" is Barbara's signature expression and after rehabbing her broken wrist, Pilates Instructor Barbara Hoffer is back showing us how to get super fit using just a chair and our own core muscles. Don't be fooled, this is a real workout!

Here is a snippet from a Chair Pilates class this fall with Barbara:

Tuesdays at 5pm on Zoom with Barbara starting January 19
Cost : $15 45-min class

Sign up online: cachstc.clubautomation.com
or contact our studio to learn more: tbrewitz@caclubs.com