Pilates Summer of 2021


Therese is having fun using the Pilates Magic Circle and the Spine Corrector,
both strange looking and wonderful Pilates tools for fitness and wellness.

Summer tends to be the best time of year and it is probably more true than ever now that we are finally able to resume activities again, be it by the pool, in the Pilates studio, and around the club. Doesn't it feel like the clouds have lifted a bit?!

For devoted Pilates instructors, our idea of "fun" may differ from other people's idea of fun. This is a popular joke among our students; when we say that we have a "fun" workout planned, they tell each other to run the other way!

But seriously, training and exercise should be fun! Doing new and quirky movements, moving to a great soundtrack to your workout, taking an outdoor class, training with a buddy, learning and mastering difficult movements on gorgeous-looking equipment, taking care of your body, getting back together with your reformer class friends, laughing and goofing off a bit after this challenging time.
That can be fun!!

Read more about our popular reformer classes, barre classes and our Zoom training programs below.

We invite you to have fun with us in the Pilates studio this summer!

The Hills Pilates and Wellness Studio Team
Anne, Barbara, Colleen, Patricia and Therese

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