Small Group Training in Our Peak Fit Studio


For those members that have not yet ventured up to the Peak Fit studio, it's an incredible facility with great equipment. Small group training takes place in this studio, and it's the participants and instructors that make each class unique.

The format of these small group classes change day to day, and with limited class size, the workouts will have you burning calories, shedding pounds and gaining muscle! Get ready for a variety of exercises that include a mix of cardio, strength, core and flexibility. We will use bodyweight, dumbbells, TRX straps, kettlebells, medicine balls, bands and more.

TRX suspension training makes gravity your resistance, so adjusting the level of difficulty is as easy as moving your hands or feet, and progression is limitless. It can be used for all levels and the bonus is that your core is constantly engaged.

Peak Fit Studio December Schedule:

Mondays: 6:30am (Mixed Format)
Tuesdays: 7:30am (TRX)
Thursdays: 7:30am & 8:30am (Back-to-Back TRX classes)

We currently offer four Peak Fit classes per week (with the hopes of adding more in 2022) and your first class is FREE! Come find out for yourself why small group training is so effective!

A note about registration for our small group training classes. Please use the app or website to register for class. Classes are cancelled if no one has registered 12 hours prior to the start of class. Class sizes are limited*, so please sign up if you plan to come. The drop-in rate per class is $18; 10-pack is $150.

*Maximum capacity is 8* per mixed format class/6 per TRX class

Questions? Email Jenn Nasab, Hills Fitness Coordinator, [email protected].