Words to Inspire

from The Pilates Studio


During the spring and summer of 2021 instructors and students in our Pilates studio started a project where we sought out inspiring words and affirmations and pinned them up on Post-It notes. We picked 3 letters, C,R and B and let the daily mood decide. Some words were thoughtful and deep, some were fun and goofy. You can see the result here.


Words carry meaning and energy; they can both reaffirm what we already feel and offer change and a new outlook to our situation. Athletes often use words and affirmations to complete challenging workouts and races, and studies show that repeating simple words and mantras can have amazing effects on perception and on performance. When we feel overwhelmed or lack motivation and don't have time to rest or have other resources at hand to make us feel better, a simple word can be a catalyst for change.


Breathe - Care - Roar - Calm - Rain - Beginning - Coffee! - Rejuvenation

What is your word today?

Have a great and healthy start to your fall - we hope to see you in our studio!

- The Hills Pilates and Wellness Studio Team
Anne, Barbara, Colleen, Patricia and Therese

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