Patricia Brown

Pilates Instructor

Patricia is an Oakland native who studied science and architecture at UC Berkeley.  She’s also resided in Europe and South America.  A certified STOTT PILATES Instructor, Patricia is also an ACE-certified personal trainer and a Thai massage practitioner. 

“Teaching Pilates is a fascinating exploration of the nexus of mind, body and spirit,” she says. “I look at the whole person, and Pilates provides a brilliant palette to create an exercise program that enhances balance and well-being.  The best is when a client says, ‘I feel better now than when I walked in.’”

Patricia has been a competitive bodybuilder, and once owned her own gym in Chile.  Upon returning to the United States, she got certified in Pilates, combining her love of dance and strength training. Additionally, she has studied bodywork, Neuromuscular Reprogramming, Intuitive Training, Mattes Active Isolated Stretching, and traditional Thai massage.  She developed her massage expertise with Richard Gold and at the Thai Massage School Shivagakomarpaj (Old Medicine Hospital) in Thailand.

She presently enjoys outrigger canoe paddling, belly dancing, yoga, and caring for her century-old Victorian house.