Hills Vaccination & Negative Test Update

To all members of The Hills Swim & Tennis Club,

In preparation for Contra Costa County Health Department's health order requiring gyms to screen all people for vaccination status and/or recent negative Covid-19 testing, we felt it necessary to let you know of our plan ASAP.

Effective Wednesday, 9/22/2021, members will have two options to provide Covid-19 vaccination proof to The Hills. It is important for you to understand that this information will be kept confidential and will only be viewed by Hills staff. We strive to ensure the club remains a safe & healthy place as we continue to live through the current pandemic.

  1. Effective immediately, members can email [email protected] proof of vaccination for each individual on a Hills membership who is eligible to receive a vaccine (this includes all kids on a family membership who are 12+ years old).

    1. In the subject line of the email, please provide all first and last names of Hills members for whom you are supplying vaccination proof.

    2. If you have a sitter/au pair/nanny on your account, please send his/her proof as well.

    3. Be sure to attach or include a screenshot/pdf of one of the following as proof of vaccination for each individual.

      1. Vaccination card (must indicate a complete dose of the vaccine)

      2. QR code/Digital Covid-19 Vaccine Record (myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov)

      3. Medical form of proof of vaccination

  1. Members can provide proof of vaccination upon checking in at the front desk beginning the morning of Wednesday, 9/22/2021.  Please provide the actual hard copy, a photocopy, a screenshot, or a photo of one of the following:

    1. Vaccination card (must indicate a complete dose of the vaccine)

    2. QR code/Digital Covid-19 Vaccine Record (myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov)

    3. Medical form of proof of vaccination

To avoid congestion at the Front Desk we are advising members to try and use the first option of emailing proof of vaccination.  We will work as quickly as possible to process all of those who do choose option 1 to get your account profiles updated asap so that you are able to come in and continue to use the club as you're accustomed to.  A quick reminder that all people, vaccinated or unvaccinated, need to continue wearing masks in all indoor areas.  The only exception is when showering inside the locker room.

For those members who are 12+ years of age and are not vaccinated, per the county health order, you must show a negative COVID-19 test result received within the past three days. The results must be from a nucleic acid (PCR) or antigen test that detects a COVID-19 infection. These tests are available through your healthcare provider, county-run sites, and state-run sites. A letter from your healthcare provider stating the result of your COVID-19 test and the date the test was performed can also be used as proof. Results from at-home COVID-19 tests are not acceptable documentation and should not be used for this purpose.

For those members who have children under 12 years of age, because they are currently ineligible for Covid-19 vaccinations, they can continue to enter and use the club as they have been.  As a reminder, they should be wearing masks in all indoor areas.

Lastly, all guests of The Hills will have to bring with them proof of vaccination, proof of a negative test within three days, or proof of a child being under the age of 12.  We are working to make this process easier for guests, but at this time we need to err on the side of caution to keep all who enter the club safe and healthy.

If any individual, member or non member, is medically or religiously exempt from receiving a Covid-19 vaccination, he or she must still provide a negative test result within three days of arrival to the club each time they intend to use the club. 

Thank you for your cooperation in regards to this matter.  We look forward to a day where the Covid-19 pandemic is gone.  Until then, we will continue to follow the health orders of the county and do everything possible to keep The Hills Swim & Tennis Club a safe and healthy environment.

Nick Beach

General Manager

The Hills Swim & Tennis Club