We offer indoor private and small group Pilates training and Pilates training on Zoom.
All new Pilates students are required to contact our studio for an evaluation and assignment into the class that best fits their needs.

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Welcome to the Hills Pilates and Wellness Studio! We are a fully equipped Pilates Studio with offerings in Pilates training, Barre classes, healing bodywork and much, much more!
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Read below about the history and benefits of Pilates and contact the studio to learn more and to get started. We recommend that all new Pilates students meet with an instructor one on one and do an intake session where we can evaluate goals, injuries and what training is best suited for you.
Contact our studio to learn more and to set up your first appointment: [email protected]
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"In 10 sessions you will feel a difference, in 20 sessions you will see a difference, in 30 sessions you will have a new body!"
- Joseph Pilates, founder of the Pilates method

This famous quote, stated by Joseph Pilates in the 1930s still holds true today and is even backed by exercise science. Students of Pilates report improved posture, more energy and stamina, reduced back pain, better sleep, better digestion, increased lean muscle mass, a speedier recovery from surgery and injury, and, perhaps most notable, an improved mood and increased wellbeing.

Not only is Pilates training effective, it is fun and creative, whether it is a rehab reformer class or a challenging athletic conditioning session.


Pilates is right for our times. Many of us spend up to 12 hours a day using a phone or other screen. Our muscle-skeletal system and our nervous system are taking a hit. You could say that as our technology is advancing our lives, our bodies are reverting backwards and as a result we are becoming weaker and more hunched over. There has never been a better time to begin a Pilates practice.
Pilates is evolving, too. We are still following the same principles that Joseph Pilates developed in the early 1900s, but you can now enjoy Pilates Barre, Zenga, Cardiopilates, Pilates Party and other hybrid classes where Pilates is fused with other exercise techniques to create a complete workout (learn more about our programs under Group Class).


Pilates training is usually offered one on one with an instructor, in small group classes on equipment, or in larger mat group classes. Pilates is a mindful movement practice, with a deep focus on core support, breathing and form. The instructor will queue every movement using the principles of Pilates either verbally, by demonstration, or through gentle hands on correction and the student will then learn how to use proper movement patterns. This learning process can be both deeply rewarding and somewhat exhausting.
One Pilates student quipped: "This is the hardest thing I ever done, every little thing counts. And I feel great afterwards, I love it!"

Benefits & Background

With the exploding popularity of Pilates, science is now catching up with and can confirm some of the many benefits of Pilates, including:

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