Class Descriptions

Water Aerobics

Aqua Aerobics is fun, challenging, and suitable for all levels. Deep water and shallow water exercises are done using the waters natural resistance with props such as buoys, noodles and aqua belts.

Swim Workout

This Group fitness swim workout incorporates intervals and different strokes to improve stamina. For recreational and competitive swimmers.

Intro to Swim

Learn and practice swim and stroke technique. For complete beginners and experienced swimmers.

Spin (Indoor Cycling)

Indoor cycling with elements of outdoor cycling, such as hills, sprints, and endurance work.

(Cardio) Spin/Sculpt (Spin/Core)

All level Spin classes bringing the heart rate up with a full body sculpting routine using the BOSU©, dumbbells, resistance bands, balls, & foam rollers.

Body and Sole

Whole body dance class.
Set to great music from all genres. Movement that strengthens and lengthens, engages the core and brings mobility balance and agility.

Cardio Mix

A complete cardio workout that includes a combination of high & low impact aerobics mixed with small blocks of strength training.

Circuit Training

Every circuit class offers two sets of 12-16 stations, each with unique and challenging exercises to build strength and muscle endurance, followed by 5 minutes stretch and cool down.

Strength and Balance

In this all level class we focus on developing balance, core strength and mobility using weights, step boxes and resistance bands.

Morning Jolt

A great energized class combining cardio and strength training in a "bootcamp style" format.


Using moves from salsa, mambo, cha-cha, tango, merengue, hints of flamenco, calypso, hip-hop and belly dancing, ZUMBA® feels more like a fun dance party than a workout.

Essential Pilates/Intermediate Pilates

Basic Pilates principles and exercises are learned in Essential Pilates and applied in Intermediate Pilates at a slightly faster pace.

Pilates Plus

Intermediate Pilates using Foam Rollers, Pilates Circles, and Flex Bands to offer a safe, yet challenging workout.

Bosu© Pilates

The Bosu© ball offers a supreme challenge to the core muscles, while providing ultimate support and safety for the spine.

Pilates Party/ Core class

An hour of invigorating and easy to follow cardio, blended with strength training and Pilates work on the mat.


Yoga is wonderful in minimizing the stresses of daily life using the breath to strengthen the body and stilling the mind. Awaken your mind and body with this stress releasing workout morning, afternoon, evening, or all the above! All levels or yogis are welcome.

Intro to Yoga:

This class introduces new students to yoga and teaches modifications and the use of props. A great way to begin your yoga practice.


Total Body Conditioning
TBC is a moderate to high intensity work out for all levels. The class mixes cardiovascular training with overall strength and core conditioning for a complete work out. Each exercise is designed to progress to your level. Come join the fun and feel yourself getting stronger.

Sculpt Express

This is a quick, 30 minute work out for busy people. It's great on it's own, or as a supplement for your morning cardiovascular routine. The class targets your overall strength with the use of free weights, and bands using compound movements for maximum results. All levels welcome. Unless your coming from another vigorous exercise, please come early to warmed up.

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