Robin Rosario

Tai Chi

photo of  Robin Rosario

Robin was introduced to the worlds of Tai Chi, Qigong and Chinese Medicine more than 40 years ago. After sustaining a back injury in 1973, Robin saw an acupuncturist who recommended that she study Tai Chi. He told her it would “change her life” and it surely did because she is still practicing and teaching after all these years. Her practice incorporates her long time love of Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi and Qigong. She has been studying Chinese Healing Arts for most of her adult life and was a pioneer in promoting women’s martial arts in the Bay Area in the 1980’s. After years of studying bodywork and Acupressure Robin became a licensed Acupuncturist in 1986 which serves to enhance her understanding of the roots of Tai Chi. Robin continues her study of Tai Chi and Qigong to this day and loves sharing her passion for these arts with her students.