April Newsletter 2020



General Manager Nick Beach and his family

Dear Hills Members,

What a whirlwind! Where do I begin?...

First and foremost, I hope this newsletter finds you and your loved ones safe, happy, and healthy. I hope and pray everyone is staying strong as can be and keeping their faith that this awful pandemic comes to an end as soon as possible.

In the midst of a rapidly changing society, I am so thankful, grateful and honored to be the General Manager of this remarkable club. The response from so many (hundreds) of you within the last two weeks has been overwhelming. A heartfelt and genuine overwhelming. So many members offered to continue to pay dues to ensure the staff continues to get paid and upkeep of the club is maintained. That's exactly what is happening and will continue to happen until this closure time is lifted.

My heart swells with pride in the response of the staff as the Coronavirus continued to get more and more serious in the first half of March. There was no hesitation by anyone. They cleaned more thoroughly, wiped down door handles, gym equipment, exercise mats, the list goes on and on. Then, when we were forced to close our doors in mid March, with so much uncertainty swirling around, the staff continued to offer ways to help. There have been some who have worked tirelessly to provide members with guidance and instruction in terms of virtual exercise classes. We also immediately provided all members access to Les Mills virtual training classes as an alternative workout.

All in all, we rallied as best we could to do our part in helping flatten the curve and still maintain our level of spirit within The Hills community. I will never forget this past month of March. Amongst so much bad that this virus has caused, the soul of The Hills community was pure and true.

April will be very unpredictable but I can guarantee you one certainty. The Hills community will be here to guide you one day at a time via virtual classes, daily workout instructions, Facebook, Instagram and email communication. Whenever you need your daily fix, feel free to check in with us.

Stay safe, happy, healthy and keep the faith! Everything will be okay.



How the Mendoza Family is Handling the "Shelter in Place"


Operations Manager Rosalinda Mendoza and her family

Hello Hills community,

I hope everyone is well, and that you are all getting used to this new lifestyle of being at home in quarantine. We all hope this "shelter in place" will lift sooner than later. My kids are keeping themselves busy with online school, although it's been a hard and difficult transition for them. I miss waking them up to get ready to start our day like we used to. I miss dropping them off at school and then heading up to the club to work. I miss seeing your lovely faces and warm greetings.

My new routine starts with me waking up to the agenda of the day's Zoom meeting for my kids' classes. These meetings help them with their schoolwork and homework. My son Adrian is a senior in high school, my daughter Itxtali is a 3rd grader, and my youngest daughter is three years old. They all need my attention, but all on different levels. It's hard work being home trying to "homeschool" the kids and I look forward to the day we can return to our regular routines.

Stay safe, take care of yourself and your family. I can't wait to see all of you. My final thought for you all is strong today, stronger tomorrow, strongest together!

-Rosalinda, Operations Manager


Anthony Lum is Called to Serve


Camp Director & Assistant Front Desk Manager Anthony Lum and his fiancee Sharon

For those of you who weren't aware, Anthony Lum is not only The Hills Camp Director and Assistant Front Desk Manager, he also serves on the National Guard. Currently stationed in Los Angeles, Anthony has been working nonstop providing humanitarian help during the global pandemic that has rocked the world. Despite only working for one day of his typical work week at The Hills before we had to lock our doors, Anthony received his papers for National Guard duties within 36 hours of the "shelter in place" order, and left Thursday, March 19, for Texas and then on to Southern California.

Helping to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, Anthony and his unit are doing their best to make all areas safe. His attention to detail is being put to the test, but overall he has reported to us that he is doing great mentally and physically.

This April was supposed to be a special month for Anthony; the date was set for him to marry his high school sweetheart, Sharon. The couple had also planned their honeymoon to Iceland. Unfortunately, both events were cancelled and rescheduled for a later date this year.

Anthony and his fiancee both have vital roles in fighting this outbreak. Sharon works for Kaiser Permanente in Northern California leading her nursing units in the front lines of the ER. Like Anthony, she has been working nonstop, and although the two are separated by miles, they are communicating daily and sharing their stories.

Anthony has reported to us that the two of them are doing well, and he wanted us to relay a message to the entire Hills community: Stay strong, stay healthy, stay safe; we will get through this difficult time. He looks forward to seeing you all soon.


Hitting a Milestone Birthday With a Challenge...Anyone Want to Join?


Administrative & Accounting Manager Stefani McDermott and her family

Today is my 50th birthday. If you had asked me earlier this year how I was going to celebrate it, my answer would be a lot different from now. My plans have drastically changed, just as all of yours have. What we all thought would maybe only last a couple of weeks is now looking like months. So I've taken the approach to stay positive and enjoy every minute with my family during this shelter in place. Looking back on the days since the club closed, I have spent more time baking with my kids, trying out new recipes (yes, I love to cook), and playing new family board games. I also spent a few days rummaging through bins of old photo albums and reaching out to childhood friends across the country. My family is scattered all over the world, so just like my childhood friends, we all connect via Zoom. Days are spent laughing at the old photos, reminiscing through memories and sharing our stories of how their hometowns/cities/countries are handling this pandemic.

Prior to the shutdown, my days were nonstop; three kids, a dog and a husband left little time for self care. For those of you who don't know me, I began working at The Hills in August 2018 but I have been a member of the club since August 2015. I enjoy my role of taking care of all of the billing, accounts payable/receivable, member issues, payroll and more, and I truly miss seeing all of your faces. I have always been very active and do my best to carve out time for a quick workout, even if some days it might only be 20 minutes. Every little bit of movement is good. My 2020 goal was to mix up my routine, take more group exercise classes, and try new workouts. Many of you saw me in pilates classes, strength and balance classes; I even stepped out of my comfort zone (I'm not a dancer) and took Kathleen's Body and Soul dance class. I was on a roll...and then we closed. Like many of you I needed to find an alternative way to workout away from the club.

I can honestly say that I have worked out more over these past 18 days than I have in a long time. And every day is something new. I find myself stretching both BEFORE and AFTER my workout, something I rarely made time for in the past. I'm utilizing the free online classes that we are offering through Les Mills, and I plan to hop into Angelique and Therese's virtual classes as well. The way I see it, we have nothing but time these days, so there is no excuse to carve out a chunk of each day to stay healthy and strong!

That said, I am challenging myself with this special "birthday workout"...10 exercises, 50 reps each:

50 jumping jacks
50 push ups
50 burpees
50-sec plank
50 squat jumps
50 single-leg glute bridges
50 dips
50 jump lunges
50 squats
50 mountain climbers

For those of you who want to "join" me on my challenge, take a pic or quick video and tag us on Instagram or Facebook!

I look forward to the day we can reopen and I can see all of your smiling faces. Until then, stay safe, stay positive and take care of your bodies!

Administrative & Accounting Manager

Muey's Kao Soy



1 cup of cooking oil
1/4 cup of garlic
1 1/2 cup of fermented bean paste
2 lb of ground chicken
2 1/5 cup of tomatoes (dice)
2 tbps of salt
2 tbps of paprika
1 tbps of black pepper
4 tbps of granulated chicken bouillon
2 lb of Ho Fun Noodle
1 cup of cilantro (chopped)
1 cut of bean sprout
1 cup of green onion
1 cup of cabbage
3 lb of beef rib
1 whole onion


(For the Meat Paste)
Heat 1 cup of oil in pan
Add ¼ cup garlic & fry until golden brown
Add 1-½ cup of fermented bean paste & stir for 2 minutes
Add 2 lbs ground chicken & cook until done
Add 2-½ cups of tomatoes
Add 1 Tbsp salt
Add 2 Tbsp paprika
Add 1 Tbsp of granulated chicken bouillon
Simmer for 15 min until ready

(For the Soup Broth)
Add 5 cups of water in the pot
Add 3 lbs of beef rib
Add 1 whole onion
Add 1 Tbsp salt
Add 1 Tbsp black pepper
Add 2 Tbsp of granulated chicken bouillon
Boil for at least 1 hour
Ready to serve!
Divide noodles into bowls, pour soup broth on top, then meat paste
Top with bean sprouts, green onion, cabbage and cilantro



Swimming at Home...with Coach Koung

Coach Koung coming out of the water at Keller Cove in Richmond

Hi swimmers! I really miss being on the pool deck coaching and teaching. I found my passion at the pool and it has been very challenging for me over the past few weeks not having the pool at my disposal. But I have taken this opportunity to swim more open water, and I am currently swimming three-to-four times a week, mid-morning in the bay at Keller Cove in Richmond. I have learned that most other places are closed. The water is 56-58 degrees, which most people would think is too cold, but I am making the best of it because I have learned that I just need to be able to be in the water. It's my "outlet" during this pandemic.

It is completely understandable that this would not be an option for most people. If not, there are many ways we can stay in shape out of the water both physically and mentally. I have found many avenues to choose from such as YouTube where so many people are giving out free ideas and advice. GoSwim.tv is offering free services for a limited time. Here you can watch their videos on all levels of swimming and hopefully you can apply that knowledge when you get back in the pool. CG Sports is also doing daily talks with special guests and have featured great topics for the swim team environment. The bottom line is that now is a great time to increase your mental knowledge of our wonderful sport!

I wish you all good health and well being, and I look forward to seeing you all on the pool deck soon!

-Coach Koung



Pilates Director Therese Brewitz

A note from the Hills Pilates Studio!

Dear Hills Members and Pilates Students,

First, for those looking for some online Pilates classes, here are a few links to classes recorded within the last week by Therese & Bruce:

Topic: Pilates w/ Therese


Topic: Barre class with Bruce


We miss you and we hope that you are well during these uncertain times. Below are a few greetings from our staff members on ways to cope and thrive during our Shelter in Place:

1. First up is Pilates Instructor Anne Mawdsley who is offering us a complete Mat Pilates workout in pdf format (insert Anne's pdf here)

In her own words:
Whew! We made it through another week. How are you all doing in the strangest of times? My household is fine, but my nerves are shot from homeschooling. Cheers to all the teachers and educators out there!! I have a modest infusion of new material to share:

-Pilates Mat-based Exercises! See pdf.
-A movie suggestion: The Two Popes, on Netflix. It's about the relationship between Pope John Paul and Pope Francis. Fantastic story and beautifully done.
-Podcast: This American Life – Episode 692 The Show of Delights. Because who couldn't use an hour break from this current American life?!
-A Book: How the South Won the Civil War, by Heather Cox Richardson – now on Amazon.The author, whom I admire, is a political historian from Boston College.
-Music: the Hamilton soundtrack. Maybe you've seen the performance. If not, the music is worth getting to know and never gets old. In our household, we blast Hamilton songs on Monday mornings to get ourselves going.

Stay Healthy,

2. Next up is Yoga and Pilates Instructor Sadaya Zimmerle, who is offering a lesson in EFT. EFT is a brilliant mind/body technique using gentle tapping that can be an amazing tool to remedy/soothe stress. Since we are recommended to not touch our face during the corona epidemic, Sadaya has modified this technique to fit the needs of our unique circumstances:
Learn more about EFT here: https://www.sadayazseft.com/

3. Pilates Instructor Colleen McLarnon and her daughter Frankie offer up a cheer that will make you smile: https://youtu.be/Vp1JZGAdmv8
Stay tuned as Colleen and Frankie are planning a new kid's online fitness classes.

4. And finally, a greeting to the Hills Swim and Tennis Club community from Pilates Director Therese Brewitz: An imperfect, but heartfelt rendition of the musical piece "Lawn Tennis" (get it? :)) by Swedish composer Wilhelm Petterson-Berger:

To find out more of what you can do from home while the studio is closed, contact our highly skilled Pilates Director, Therese Brewitz, [email protected].


Group X


Our lonely/empty group exercise Clubhouse

First, for those of you looking for some online classes, here are a few links to recorded classes by Hills instructors within the last week:

Topic: Cardio and Core with Angelique


Topic: Yoga with Therese


Topic: Body and Sole with Kathleen


I've been in contact with our Group Exercise staff and they all wish you well, and miss you madly. Our team has been experimenting with virtual classes, and learning a lot. We hope to have a class schedule ready for everyone starting Monday, April 6th. The schedule will have a few classes to choose from daily. Those invitations will go out via email, so stay tuned.

Take care, and be well.
-Angelique Pine, Group Ex Director

Peak Fit


Our lonely/empty Peakfit Studio

I've been missing our Peakfit community and seeing everyone striving for their best in our classes. I am enjoying slower paced days and a little more sleep. It is a good time to reset and catch up on years of lost sleep hours!

In an effort to keep the Peakfit group motivated and on track, I have been sharing a weekly workout. Many of the workouts have been basic body weight workouts or a workout with simple weights. You can modify the weighted exercises and use water bottles, wine bottles or cans, if that's what you have in the house.

Here is one basic bodyweight workout you can do anytime; remember to focus on good form, and be sure to warm up and stretch appropriately.

Warm up:
3-5 mins of jogging in place, jumping jacks, butt kickers, skipping in place, high knees, big arm circles

Set a timer for 20 minutes, go though the following exercises as many times as you can in the 20 minutes:

10 push ups
15 squats
20 walking lunges
10 tricep dips
15 big lateral hops, try to jump over a yoga mat
20 plank with shoulder taps
10 side plank hip dips - per side
15 sit ups or crunches
20 cross body mountain climbers, bringing opposite knee toward opposite elbow

Don't forget to cool down and stretch...it's just as important as the warm up!

Stay healthy and strong...and please reach out if you'd like to be added to my weekly email list!

- Jennie Votel, Peak Fit Director
[email protected]


Celebrate April Employee Birthdays


Please join us in wishing each of them a happy birthday and thanking them for all of their hard work!

Stefani McDermott, 04/03
Sou Saechao, 04/04
Barbara Roessler, 04/23
Barbara Hoffer, 04/26
Angelique Pine, 04/27
Adriana Oyarzun, 04/28