COVID-19 update:

Reiki Therapy is offered during this time with optimal cleaning and sanitizing protocols in place.

Please note that some Reiki hand positions have been altered to avoid direct contact with hands or skin.

Tentative dates for
Reiki I and Reiki II
Saturday September 18-Sunday September 19 9:00am-6:00pm


Hills Wellness Bodywork


The Hills is proud to offer Reiki treatment in our beautiful Pilates Studio.
Reiki is a gentle and powerful tool for restoring balance and health.

Could you benefit from Reiki? Are you looking for a way to finding balance and reducing stress?
Do you suffer from sleeplessness, tension headaches, chronic pain, anxiety, or recurring colds and flus due to low immunity?
Are you recovering from surgery or cancer treatment?
Reiki therapy may help reducing these symptoms while restoring vitality and wellness.

We offer Reiki several days a week at convenient times in our Pilates Studio.
Rates start at $85 for 60 minutes.
To schedule a Reiki session, please contact: [email protected]

Reiki is a Japanese Healing technique based on the energy life force Qi or Ki
(similar to Chi in Tai Chi, Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture). All life, all movement, all health holds energy. Every thought, physical response, and cellular change in the body involves the transfer and change of energy. When we get stressed, overwhelmed, sad, or sick, our energy – Qi is running low.

A session of Reiki involves fully clothed gentle hands on technique and begins with a conversation between client and therapist about any specific ailments or conditions that they would like to address. The client lays on a massage table with eyes closed, listening to soft music or ambient sound to relax. The practitioner sometimes starts the session with a short meditation and does a “scan” to find any energy imbalances that they will address during the treatment. The treatment is offered by placing the hands on or just above different areas around the body.

After the treatment the client and practitioner will check in again and discuss what came up during the session. Most people end up feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and it is not uncommon for a client to fall asleep during a treatment.

A Reiki practitioner does not “heal” you per se, but simply aids the body in restoring depleted energy and achieving balance. Massage therapists often use Reiki as part of their practice and many hospitals around the world offer Reiki to their patients after surgery and during treatment.

Like many mind/body therapies Reiki is very beneficial in reducing the effects of our high stress environment. Traffic, financial stress, technology, negative news, and too many commitments in life can put us in a chronic state of “fight or flight” response. In this state our bodies are constantly flooded with stress hormones that over time become harmful to our health.

Reiki reactivates the parasympathetic nervous system, putting us in a relaxed states that allows our immune system and other properties to function properly.

Reiki can also be effective in reducing the effects of emotional trauma, anxiety, and depression. Reiki was offered to the emergency workers and clean-up teams at Ground Zero after 9/11.

Reiki is completely safe and can be used in conjunction with other mind/body therapies. Reiki should never be used to replace conventional treatment of any medical condition.


Therese Brewitz is the Hills Pilates Director and a Reiki Master Level II, certified Pilates Instructor, and holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology. She received her first Reiki training while a grad student at UC Berkeley. Therese continues to further her studies in energy medicine and she finds many ways to integrate Reiki into her Pilates sessions and in her work as a musician.