September Newsletter 2022


Dear Hills Members,

And just like that, Labor Day weekend has come and gone. To say it's been an eventful summer would be an understatement. We installed an abundance of new outdoor furniture throughout the summer months and the response has been overwhelmingly positive, with one exception. Many people, myself included, have tripped on the back side of the new lounge chairs. Please be cautious of the extended legs on the longer lounge chairs, because they will be sticking around for the foreseeable future. Other than that, it has been a refreshing sight to see the new furniture being used by so many members and guests.

We are very sorry for the confusion during the week of August 15th in regards to the attempt of transitioning to a new software system. Ultimately, it was pretty obvious to us that the new software system was not up to the level we aspire to here at The Hills. We quickly moved back to the old software system and all appears to be working well.

We have been seeing a lot of members with family memberships double booking reservations. Whether it be for a cabana, a tennis court, or a lap lane, please respect the policies in place. A cabana can be booked for a max of two hours per membership, not per member on the membership. If a member is interested in booking a four hour reservation, there is a fee of $150 for the additional two hours. For tennis court reservations, please do not try to book for an hour with one family member name on account and then try to book the next hour with a different family member name. For lap lane reservations, each MEMBER is allowed to book one reservation per day. For example, it is ok for two different family members to double book back-to-back 30-minute reservations and share a lane for 60 minutes TOGETHER. It is not ok to do it if only one family member shows up. We really appreciate those who understand these policies are in place because this is an amazing community club and we want to be sure as many members as possible have accessibility to reservations for the various areas of the club.

Lastly, we kindly ask all members to put away any and all equipment they use in the gym, the group fitness room, and/or the Peak Fit studio. Additionally, it is mandatory to wipe down all equipment after each use with the provided sanitized wipes.

The weather will likely be amazing throughout the month of September and we will hope for little to no smoke due to wildfires.




Upcoming Events

Sept 12: Free Adult Beginner/Novice Tennis Clinic 6-7pm
Sept 12: Free Adult Intermediate/Advanced Tennis Clinic 7-8pm
Weekdays 11am-1pm: Pickleball on the Basketball Court


Notes from The Hills Front Desk


We want to remind all members that you can now use your free guest passes on weekends and holidays through the end of the year! Members that have used all of their free guest passes can still bring guests to the club but are subject to the following guest fees: Adults (Age 18 & older), $25; Children (Age 2-17), $15; Under 2 years of age, free. Members are allowed to bring 4 guests per membership per day. All guests are required to have a waiver on file. To expedite the check-in process please complete the online waiver prior to your arrival:


imgLobby Art: Our Own Summer Camp Artists

Midway through last month you may have noticed that we swapped out the Tour de France artwork in our lobby with some bright and colorful kids art. All of the pieces are from campers who attended The Hills Summer Camp, both this year and last. Under the direction of Anthony Lum, the kids created some wonderful art, inspirational sayings, and even a graphic depiction of Anthony at camp. Thank you to all the kids and counselors for making this year's camp the best! The young artists are Mia, Savoy, Winnie, Madelaine, Lilian, Juliette and Phoebe. Also featured are some water saving messages from Jean, Noa and Dylan. Thanks to all of you!

If you would like your art featured in The Hills Lobby, please email [email protected]. We are looking for artists for Fall and Winter showings.


Sunday Junior/Teen Tennis Clinics Continue into Fall


We are excited to announce that we will be offering more weekend clinics for kids this month! The September clinics will take place on 9/11, 9/18 and 9/25 and the prices are as follows:

  • Little Stars - Cost per player is $105 ($125 for non-members) for the session which consists of 3 lessons total
  • Rising Stars - Cost per player is $150 ($170 for non-members) for the session which consists of 3 lessons total
  • SuperNovas - Cost per player is $150 ($170 for non-members) for the session which consists of 3 lessons total

October Clinics will take place on 10/2, 10/9, 10/23 and 10/30 There is an extra weekend this month, so pricing will follow the standard rates (below) for 4 week sessions. NOTE: we are not holding clinics on 10/16.

November Clinics will take place on 11/6, 11/13, 11/27 and 12/4. This will be the last clinic session of this calendar year. We can also use stand pricing (below) on this since it too has 4 sessions.

NOTE: Once you sign up for a clinic you are committing to attend the remaining month's clinics as well. Missed lessons are not refundable and these clinics cannot be prorated. Cancellations due to weather or in cases of emergency will be rescheduled without charge. All clinics must have a minimum registration of 4 players for it to take place at the current set rates.
If you have any questions about the Sunday clinics or would like to see something specific offered through the club's tennis program, please reach out to Sydney, [email protected].

Standard pricing for the weekend tennis clinics listed below

12pm-1pm: "Little Stars" Junior Tennis (small group)
Our goal is to introduce the game of tennis to our Little Stars through a fun environment, while also learning tennis basics - forehand, backhand and volley. Orange Ball is great for beginners playing short court as they slow down the game while new players develop their coordination and skill.

  • This is a beginner level program for the 7 & under age group (players under 6 yo must be evaluated before registration)
  • Max of 6 kids per class
  • Cost per player is $140 ($160 for non-members) for the 4-week session which consists of 4 lessons total
  • Please have your kids wear tennis/running shoes, sun protection, junior tennis racquet and water bottle

1:15pm-2:45pm "Rising Stars" Junior Tennis (small group)
Rising Stars build upon tennis basics and learn to serve. Play will be at a full-court distance, giving players an opportunity to learn how to return more challenging shots and implement proper tennis technique. Players will be introduced to doubles basics and how to play in a match at this level. Green Ball is the last level before the classic yellow ball.

  • This is an intermediate level program for the 8-11 age group
  • Max of 6 kids per class
  • Cost per player is $180 ($200 for non-members) for the 4-week session which consists of 4 lessons total
  • Please have your kids wear tennis/running shoes, sun protection, junior tennis racquet and water bottle

3pm-4:30pm "SuperNovas" Teen Tennis (small group)
SuperNovas is an intermediate/advanced level clinic where players dive into singles and doubles strategy and honing their groundstrokes, net game, and serve. This program will serve as a springboard for players to go onto play on their high school tennis teams and in USTA tournaments.

  • This is an intermediate/advanced level program for the 12-15 age group
  • Max of 6 kids per class
  • Cost per player is $180 ($200 for non-members) for the 4-week session which consists of 4 lessons total
  • Please have your kids wear tennis/running shoes, sun protection, a tennis racquet and water bottle

In addition to these clinics, all private, semi-private and small group lessons are available for kids and adults. Contact Coach Sydney at [email protected] for fees and to schedule.


Free Monday Evening Adult Tennis Clinics


For those adults new to the club, new to tennis or looking to improve your backhand, we welcome you to join us on the second Monday of each month for our complimentary Adult Tennis Clinics! No sign-up necessary. This monthly event is free, and open to members only. From 6-7pm, beginners get an hour of instruction; 7-8pm is for intermediate/advanced players. Eddie Pasternak leads these clinics each month for adults with all skill levels. If rain is in the forecast, the clinic will be held the following week.


Memories of Summer Camp 2022


Wow, I can't believe how fast Summer Camp 2022 has now come and gone. The 11 weeks were jam packed with not only kids but an assortment of fun activities, crafts, hikes and games. I cannot thank my counselors enough for making our camps fun and safe. One of the goals of our summer camp is for your campers to make new friends, try new activities and feel great about themselves. And thanks to my terrific team that included Christine, Riley, Luc, Tyler, and Conner, they did just that! These counselors reinforced to your kids the importance of being kind and caring, not only to their fellow campers but also to all of the members who use the club on a daily basis. If you happen to see any of the counselors around the club, please thank them for all of their hard work. My hope is that they will return next summer to help out.

In addition to my fantastic counselors, I owe the success of the camp to all of the families that registered their children. Thank you for entrusting us with your kids. Your campers taught me a few new things this summer that I would like to share:

1. Your kids have many different names and alter egos for me (see in my sign off below).

2. I learned the logistics of playing Pokemon, including which characters are strong and weak, and found many campers absolutely love collecting them. I was grateful that I had someone who gave me pokemon cards to hand out to the campers each week.

3. I realized that I had to multi-multi-task with a full group of energized campers each week.

4. Although it's been 13 consecutive years as The Hills Summer Camp Director, you would think I might be wanting to call it quits, but it's your kids that keep me returning year after year!

The summer camp might be over, but I am still here at the club to help you in any capacity. Please feel free to reach me via email, [email protected]. I hope your kids have a great school year and I look forward to planning Summer Camp 2023, but not until after my well-deserved honeymoon vacation to Iceland.
Signing off…Anthony, but thanks to the campers, I'm now also known as BanAnthony, Anthiny, Tiffany


New Group Ex Offerings in September


In addition to the wide variety of current group exercise classes offered here at The Hills, take a look at what's new this month…

Tone and Stretch Lunch Time Express, Mondays (beginning September 19th) at 12pm
An exciting new addition that offers a low impact, no sweat workout. This 45-minute class includes a gentle warm up followed by compound, multi rep exercises. Jenn suggests using low to medium weights and includes core work and plenty of stretching. This class is designed to fit into your busy work schedule. Come get a great overall workout and leave feeling invigorated and ready to take on the rest of your day.

Dance Fitness - La Blast w/ Angelique, Wednesdays at 9am
No Dance experience necessary. Even with two left feet, you will get a great workout. LaBlast is an interval workout that focuses on a combination of cardio interval and weight training. a combination of low and high energy dance drills for all levels. We will incorporate everything from Cha cha, Hip hop to Disco and Salsa in easy to follow steps.

TBC (Total Body Conditioning) w/ Angelique, Thursdays at 10:30am
TBC is a moderate to high intensity workout for all levels. The class mixes cardiovascular training with overall strength and core conditioning for a complete workout. Each exercise is designed to progress to your own level. Come join the fun and feel yourself getting stronger.

Saturday Bootcamp w/ Sara - new time 8:30 am

Hope to see you in class -
- Angelique Pine, Group Exercise Director, [email protected]


Start the New School Year Routine with a Personal Trainer


Are you wanting to get back into a workout routine but aren't quite sure how or where to start? We can help! Reach out to me at [email protected] for a fitness orientation or to get started with some personal training. You are the most important person in your life and taking care of yourself is your most important job.

I would like to remind you all to please remember to rerack your weights and return any equipment you use back to its designated storing area. Also, please wipe down your equipment after you use it. It's common courtesy for the next person who probably doesn't want to sit in your sweat. Thank you in advance for your cooperation on this.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me.
- Jenn Nasab, Hills Fitness Coordinator, [email protected]


Beat the Heat with Aqua Fitness


One way to get in a workout without worrying about overheating during these hot days is by taking one of our aqua fitness classes. These "water" classes are a great low-impact group exercise class that is included with your membership. We offer aqua fitness 4 days a week from 9-10am: Tuesdays w/ Bz, Thursdays w/ Sandra, Fridays w/ Ellen and Sundays w/ various instructors. NOTE: if any of these instructors are sick or on vacation, one will be sure to step in.

Aqua fitness workouts are designed to burn fat, increase cardiovascular fitness, and range of motion and muscle tone. Another benefit is that it's a great cross training exercise. Participants will use flotation belts, noodles, styrofoam barbells and more to perform a variety of motions including water walking/running, abdominal work and toning exercises.

These classes are well attended and therefore we kindly ask that you register in advance if you plan on participating.


Small Group Training in Our Peak Fit Studio


We're looking forward to seeing you back in classes. Our class schedule has lightened up quite a bit this summer. If you're looking for a small group class at a different time, please contact me. If you have some friends that would join you, it makes it even easier to create a new class.

Peak Fit Studio September Schedule:

Monday 6:30am Mixed format with Jenn
Monday 11am All About Strength with Sara

Please remember to register for our classes, we need a minimum of 3 people for class to happen. If that minimum isn't met, class is canceled. If we cancel class, you don't pay. If you're new, REGISTER! We'll make sure that your account is adjusted so that your first class is complimentary. We also ask that you cancel in a timely manner as our classes are limited in capacity. We're offering a 10 class package at $150 and your drop in fee is $18 per class. Your first class is free, so register and come on up!

Have a great month, back to reality!

- Jenn Nasab, Hills Fitness Coordinator


News from The Hills Pilates & Wellness Studio


Why not ease into Fall? Fall is an exciting time, school starts, we return to work and begin new chapters in our lives. It is fun to be active, but it can be tempting to book up every moment of the day and end up feeling overwhelmed. A good way to find balance is for us to write down the most important things we want to spend time on and start there. Focus on quality versus quantity. This can be applied to everything, including our exercise and health goals.

Pilates packs a lot of quality into an hour of practice: strength training, core training, flexibility, stress reduction, boosting metabolic health, etc. Most importantly, it is fun and makes us feel good and it offers lasting results.

Contact our studio to learn more: [email protected]

Attention all parents: Ballet is starting on September 7, ages 4-6 and 7-11.
More info below.

Happy Fall! 🍂🌳

Pilates Director Therese Brewitz, Barbara, Anne, Hadley, Colleen, Yulia, and Elizabeth


Fall Semester for Our Little Ballerinas


Do you have a young dancer at home? Come try the Hills Ballet Program led by Ballet Instructor and professional Ballerina, Hadley Kaufmann.

The fall semester will start on Wednesday, September 7 at 3:45pm and we look forward to seeing everyone back as well as welcoming new students.

Pre ballet for students 4-6 years old, 3:45-4:30pm:
In this class our young dancers will learn their very first ballet steps, while also practicing rhythm, coordination, and creative expression.

Ballet, students 7-10 years old, 4:30-5:15pm:
Our ballet students are learning the positions, many steps and simple choreography to classical music. (only a few spaces left in this class!).

Cost for full semester, 12 sessions: $280, nonmembers $310. Sibling discount available.
Registration form here: Hills Ballet Registration Fall 2022 .pdf
For any questions, please contact: [email protected]


Learn to Alleviate Pain


Please join Elizabeth Howe, Acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner and Pilates instructor at The Hills for an informative monthly seminar on understanding pain and how to manage it from head to toe. Each month, pain located in a particular region of the body will be covered. We meet live and over Zoom. Elizabeth Howe, MS, L.Ac. teaches Pilates and has an acupuncture practice located on Piedmont Avenue;

Last Wednesday of every month, 6:30-7:30pm in the Pilates Studio and on Zoom

Register online:
For more information, please contact: [email protected]
Cost: $25/class


"Reform" with Pilates: New Mixed Level Reformer Wednesdays, 9:30am


Here is a confession from your Pilates Director and author of this eNews segment: "Truth! When things get really busy in the Pilates studio and I don't have time to do my own reformer workout, I get sad and a little jealous of my clients and students who get to train on the equipment. Why? Because it feels so amazing, my back thanks me, and it is a workout with such universal benefits. Nothing that I have tried in my 30 years as a fitness instructor comes close to the effectiveness of the reformer. The good news is that as little as 15 minutes of reformer training makes me happy and offers muscle strength and toning."

JUST ADDED: New Mixed Level Reformer class now on Wednesdays, 9:30-10:30am with Pilates Instructor and Acupuncturist Elizabeth Howe.

Sign up for class online or on the Hills app:
Are you new to Pilates and/or to the reformer? Contact our studio today to get started: [email protected]

You find our updated fall reformer class schedule here. PILATES STUDIO SCHEDULE SEPTEMBER 2022


Partner Up with Your Own Pilates Coach


Our Pilates Instructors have decades of experience in Pilates, wellness, fitness, and exercise science. We offer Pilates training for injury rehab and "prehab", athletic conditioning, cancer treatment, recovery and more. You can train with us over Zoom too. Contact our studio to learn more and to sign up: [email protected]

Follow us on Instagram and get inspired to do Pilates:


Kick Off the New School Year with Tae Kwon Do


Sensei Jeff Allen has been teaching both members and non-members Tae Kwon Do here at The Hills for years. This program introduces kids to this ancient Korean art of self defense and teaches courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit! Tae Kwon Do can help kids ease emotional problems such as stress and depression, while promoting physical fitness. This popular year-round program is for kids ages 5-17. Each session involves kicking, punching and self defense, but most of all, we encourage the kids to have fun. The goal of the program is to instill confidence, teach respect, and focus on raising self esteem. Currently there are nine students enrolled ranging from 6 years old to 12 years old.

Days/Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays 3:30–4:45pm (Beginner)
Tuesdays & Thursdays 6–7:15pm (Advanced)

Member cost: $85 per month
Non-member: $100 per month

For more information or to register your child, please contact:
Jeff Allen - [email protected]
510-339-0234 x18


General Club Policies for Our Pools & Hot Tubs


Lap Lane Swimming Rules:

  • Lap Lane reservations remain weekdays from 9am-2pm in lanes 4, 5, & 6. All other lanes and times are available for shared member swimming.
  • Please Note: Hills Hurricane Swim Team will be using no more than 4 lanes from 4-8pm, Monday-Friday.

Hot Tub Rules:

  • Adult hot tub is for ages 18 years and up
  • Only 9 people allowed in adult hot tub as well as family hot tub at any time
  • Children younger than 14 years old must have an adult guardian within arm's reach
  • Flotation devices, toys, kickboards and horseplay are not allowed
  • No food or drinks in or near the hot tubs


Swim Lessons Remain Popular in Fall Months


Our private and semi-private lessons are for members only through the entire month of September. Please refer to the link below with our current offerings as things may change soon. Please be mindful that our priority is for the membership and their time in the pool. Programming will not take up any more space than is currently taking place. Lessons will only be offered at times that do not encroach on membership experience in the pool(s). Please follow the directions when requesting a lesson and have a high level of flexibility. Instructors may not respond if directions are not followed properly. We will be allowing Non-Club members access to the lessons starting in October.

Learn more about our offerings here!


Hills Hurricane Swim Team


Our 2022-2023 season has begun! We had a very successful season last year and look to build upon that. This year was the first time we won the Summer Redwood Empire Swim League Championships. A big shout out for efforts from all of the coaches, swimmers, and swim parents for their dedication and hard work. The Hills swimmers broke 30 team records this summer. Congratulations to those swimmers. You can view our team records here.

At this time, we have filled all of the available space for our pre-comp and competitive groups. We generally prefer not to add swimmers during the season as it disrupts the group dynamics. However, we will be on the lookout for talent moving up from the private lessons. If for any reason we need to open spots up we will notify the members and post information on our websites.


Fun Outdoor Activities


If you are looking for a fun way for the entire family to workout outdoors together, we have options! Reservations for our pickleball/basketball court have returned. Members can book an hour "block" of time to use the court. This does not mean that the court has to be used solely by one family unit during the hour; feel free to welcome and/or challenge other members to a friendly pickleball or basketball game. If you don't have your own equipment, you can ask the front desk staff for the pickleball bag (complete with paddles and balls) and/or basketballs.


Our court is reserved exclusively for pickleball from 11am to 1pm on weekdays. Games during these "open" weekday hours are friendly, social games with some accommodations made for beginning players. You'll see people of all ages and athletic ability having fun on our court. If you are not familiar with pickleball, it's one of the fastest growing sports and easiest to learn the rules of play and scoring and the order of serving if you play with someone who already knows them, so mark your calendar and/or book a reservation and head up to the club to join in on the fun!


Just outside of our enclosed court, we have 2 ping pong (or table tennis) tables. Both young and old can improve eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills by playing ping pong. The front desk has paddles and balls for members to borrow, so take a break from the pool and start some friendly competition with other members. The bottom line is that any of these three activities are a great excuse to come up to the club, get some exercise and maybe even make new friends!

All we ask is that you kindly return any borrowed equipment to the front desk when you are finished playing.


Beat the Heat Under a Cabana


Year after year we find that the heat waves continue into September and October, so we suggest you plan ahead as our reservations open at 8am 3 days in advance. For example, on Wednesday morning at 8am, members can log in and book a cabana reservation for Saturday. Please be respectful of our club policy which states that each membership (family or single) is allowed one 2-hour reservation per day.

Our cabanas are a great place for members to gather with family and friends for a weeknight dinner after a busy school and work day. And our gas grills are ready for barbecue season, so book a cabana, load the cooler and take advantage of this great perk of your membership! We kindly ask that members tidy up the cabana at the end of each use.

Celebrate September Employee Birthdays


Please join us in wishing each of them a happy birthday and thanking them for all of their hard work!

Koung Chaiyasane, 09/05
Amie Garcia, 09/05
Colleen McLarnon, 09/20
Leo Juarez, 09/28