Lap Swimming & Pool Rules

Lap swimming is a large part of our membership. We encourage all lap swimmers who are interested in improving their strokes to take part in either our free adult classes or our paid for youth lessons. The lap pool temperature is 78 - 81 degrees year round. 

Lap swim is always available, however programming in numerous departments may take up lane space. Please look at the group fitness and aquatics groups schedules to plan your time.  Sharing space is required by all members.

Lap Swimming Guidelines

Circle swimming is required at The Hills Swim and Tennis Club.  You are required to share a lane if no other lanes are open for individual lap swim.  Individual lane swimming is OK as long as other swimmers are not waiting for lane space.  Always be ready to SHARE YOUR LANE.  If sharing a lane is not something that you like to do, maybe schedule a less active lap swim time.  Please keep in mind that Swim Lessons and Swim Teams take lane priority during their posted hours.

Circle swimming is what it says: swimming in a circle. In the United States, circle swimming goes counterclockwise: swim on the right side of the blue line that runs down the middle of the lane. You will be on one side of the lane going down the pool, and the other side of the lane coming back. Think of the blue line as a double yellow line in the middle of a road.

  1. STEP 1 -  Pick an Appropriate Lane
    Spend a minute surveying the pool before you jump in. Look for swimmers who may be swimming “fast,” “medium”, or “slow”.  Pick a lane where you will be about the same speed as those who are already in it. Circle swimming is a lot easier when you don’t have to worry about passing people (or being passed) every other lap.
  2. STEP 2  - Talk to Your Lanemates
    If you are joining a lane that already has two people in it, communicate clearly to both of them that they’ll need to circle swim before you start swimming! Even if there’s only one person in the lane and she is already splitting the lane, politely making your presence known is the safe and friendly thing to do. This can be as simple as dangling your feet in the water for a minute before jumping in. Also, knowing your pool’s lane-sharing etiquette will make for a friendlier, stress-free swim.
  3. STEP 3  - Stop at the Wall
    When circle swimming, stopping in the middle of the pool is one of the best ways to end up in a collision. Even if you’re about to lose a contact, it is actually safer, not to mention easier, to keep your eyes closed and swim your way to the wall along the lane line. Stop mid-pool and you’ll be dodging task-oriented lanemates, and lifeguards hollering “Off the lane ropes!”

    When you do stop at the wall, be aware of the swimmers coming behind you. Clear the middle of the lane for those who are going to continue swimming—tuck into one of the corners of the lane if you are going to rest at all.
  4. STEP 4  - Make Quick, Controlled Turns
    In a crowded pool, turns can be the most intimidating (and dangerous) part of circle swimming. If you have negotiated a warm-up pool where swimmers are lined up toe-to-nose for 25 yards, you have probably found that turning while circle swimming can be as collision-prone as car racing.

    No matter what type of turn you do when you’re circle-swimming, aim for the middle of the lane. Make it quick, so that no one thinks you're stopping to rest, and keep it under control, so that you don’t whack someone in the face. Open turns are the safest until you are proficient at flip-turns.
  5. STEP 5  - Pass Safely & Always Communicate
    When you are circle swimming, passing and being passed are inevitable. It’s best to go along with local lap swimming etiquette, if possible. Better yet, communicate with your lanemates about what you are doing, and be a little flexible. A simple, “So, I’m going to do some sprints on a long rest interval,” may keep them from pushing off right in front of you. And if they do anyway, ten seconds of extra rest won’t ruin your set or your entire season.
  6. STEP 6  - Appropriate Intervals
    Use the pace clock to put some space between you and the other swimmers in your lane. If the person in front of you pushed off the wall on the “60,” wait until at least the “10” before you follow them down the pool. This is a “ten-second stagger.”

    Assuming everyone in your lane is approximately the same speed, those ten seconds will create some space between you, making it easier for all of you to conduct your turns without interference. If there are a lot of people in the lane (six in a short course pool can qualify as a lot), 5 second stagger might be more appropriate.

    But sometimes, especially at lap swim, you will end up in a lane where everyone is a different speed. If you find that you are significantly faster than your lanemates or if you are going to do some sprints, you might want to wait 20 or 30 seconds before you follow them off the wall. If you are significantly slower than your lanemates, push off immediately after they leave the wall, and it will take a little while longer for them to lap you.

Pool Rules


    1. Diving board may not be used without the direct presence of a lifeguard and only when the lifeguards deem it is safe.
    2. Three lifeguards must be on duty for the board to be open.
    3. The diving board may only be used if the deep area is completely clear of other swimmers.
    4. Divers must exit the pool on the side closest to the lifeguard stand.
    5. Only one person allowed on the diving board at a time.
    6. Feet first jumps or forward dives only (no backwards jumps or dives).
    7. No running on the board.
    8. No jumping from the side of the board.
    9. No more than one jump off the board (no bouncing).
    10. Children under 3 years of age may be accompanied by an adult over 18 on the diving board.
    11. No "catching" of small children is allowed. 
    12. No flotation devices in deep end. 
    13. The lifeguards reserve the right to close the diving area and/or the board at any time.
    14. When the diving board is closed, the deep end is open for free swim. The usual pool rules apply in this area, including:
      * No hanging from the board.
      * No flips
      * Entries from the diving board wall are prohibited.


  1. The splash pad is unsupervised.
  2. Swim suits are required at all times, no street clothes allowed.
  3. Children under 5 years old must be accompanied with an adult in the splash pad area.
  4. All patrons must conduct themselves in a courteous, safe and family oriented manner.
  5. Infants must wear swim diapers.
  6. Athletic equipment or play toys such as balls, and pool noodles are not allowed.
  7. No running, climbing, hanging, or swinging on structures.
  8. No food or drink in the splash pad area.
  9. No changing clothes in the splash pad area.
  10. No drinking the water, it is chlorinated.
  11. Lifeguards and Hills staff will enforce the policies at all times.
  12. Please report any unsafe or hazardous behavior to The Hills staff immediately.


  1. All swimmers must shower, using the Club’s shower facilities, before entering the pool or spa.
  2. Babies/toddlers must wear leak proof plastic/rubber panties and or swim diapers when using the pools.
  3. Swimmers and hot-tub users must wear proper swimming attire (swim¬suits, no cut-off shorts).
  4. Circle swimming is required in the lap lanes (see lap swimming etiquette for more info).
  5. Starting blocks may only be used under instructor supervision.
  6. When a Lifeguard is on duty: the lifeguard reserves the right to deem any activity unsafe within different situations including use of ojects.  If a lifeguard is not on duty, the front desk/office staff is the enforcer.
    • No riding on shoulders.
    • No sliding on rails.
    • No hard throwing objects allowed in the pool. Includes tennis balls, basket balls, water polo balls. Unless under direct supervision of a certified instructor.
    • No hanging/crossing under or over the lane lines.
    • No diving.
    • No jumping in backwards.
    • No oversized toys, floats or boards.
    • No using kickboards for play.  They are for lap swimming only.
    • No glass in pool deck area.
    • No squirt guns or devices that squirt water.


  1. The family spa is for adults and children.
  2. Total capacity of nine (9) persons, regardless of size.  
  3. Children under 14 years old must be within reaching distance of an adult (age 18 or older).
  4. All persons must enter by the ladder and steps (no exceptions).
  6. NO TOYS
  7. Swim Diapers Mandatory for children who are not potty trained.
  10. The Hills staff reserves the right to close the family spa at any time.