Small Group Reformer, Jump Board and Circuit Training Program

Work out with others

The reformer class is the staple of a Pilates practice. Each participant work on their own machine (apparatus) in a small group setting. Reformer and other Pilates apparatus offers spring resistance resulting in gentle, yet effective and functional strength and core training. Many Pilates students come to find that they no longer need to go to the gym to build muscle and tone up. The Reformer takes care of the whole body.
We offer reformer classes with up to 5 students, 6 days a week at the Hills. Below are some examples for our small group classes.

Better Back Reformer – Max 5 participants. Combat lower back pain with gentle resistance training. The reformer offers a supportive and safe alternative to mat exercises and can improve strength and reduce muscle imbalances.

Cardiotrampoline – Max 5 participants. We put a trampoline on the reformer to incorporate high intensity cardio with our Pilates reformer workout. Get in, get out, get fit!

Pilates Circuit – Max 10 participants. In the Pilates Circuit each student gets the chance to try out all the equipment in the Pilates studio.

Barre – 10 participants. Barre training is a relative new training form that has sprung out of Pilates and ballet training. Students get a high intensity workout using the ballet barre, music, and small props.

ZENGA®- Zenga training is a unique blend of yoga, Pilates, breath work, and physical therapy that centers in on a focused breathing pattern and myofascial movement. Fascial fitness is on the forefront of wellness research which is pointing to the need for all of us to breathe and move to release tension, not just in our muscles, but in and around the whole body. Participants often marvel at the great results.