Private Pilates Training and Duets

We offer private and semi-private training in our studio as well as private and semi-private training over Zoom for our high risk clients.

To book private Pilates training, please contact our studio:
[email protected]
Please observe our COVID-19 guidelines:


The practice to offer Pilates one on one goes back to Joseph Pilates, the founder of the technique. Joseph wanted both his students and furthermore, his disciples to learn from directly from a teacher, one on one rather than in a group setting. The one on one teacher/student relationship offers an opportunity to tailor the training to the individual, further any progress, and develop a lifelong routine of Pilates. This is especially ideal for students with injuries and limitations, the one on one training is safer, individually targeted, and therefore more effective.

Sometimes cost can be a hindrance and our duet program offers training for two students at reduced cost. Duets are fun, couples, mothers/daughters and best friends often team up to train in Pilates duets.

Contact our studio to inquire and book Private and Semi-private sessions: [email protected]